Friday, April 3, 2020

Cuke Audio

I've been super busy getting into podcasting. Just uploaded the first one to the new Cuke Audio.

Here's the first podcast: May All Beings be Happy

This is a Cuke What's New type post so far. What's it doing here in Cuke nonZense? Well for one thing I'm tired, way pasat my bedtime and am just getting around to posting here and this is almost all I've been thinking about for days.

But also I wanted to tell you that, even though Cuke Audio is starting off heavy on the Zen and Buddhism, I'm eager to start adding some nonZense which is more fun. Just wait. At some point I might have to branch out and add another channel just for nonZense.

A few months ago it was not unusual to hear people bemoaning the erotion of the quality of life due to the influence of the online world. I'd think about how nice it would be to wrap all this up and just deal in paper, maybe writing on leaves with a sumi brush and putting the results in a stream to sloat away.

That's all been turned around. There's been and overnigh explosion in online communication due to this virus - remote teaching, remote everything - and suddenly I thought I had to upgrade what I do online because I knew there would be people who'd appreciate it whose options had been greatly reduced. So my ludite doubts have been washed away for the time being. Onward into Cyberspace! - DC

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