Saturday, April 11, 2020

Beaches Closed in Bali

Wow - That's a blow. Walks to the beach with Sarah and dogette Bandita and a swim are something I hate to give up. We don't get near anyone including each other - and there are very few people there anyway. Yesterday there were five other people in the water and a couple walking separately. There was a family sitting on a blanket eating. No place was open that I saw. But Sarah says there are surfers who
have been ignoring physical distancing, and there were about forty motorbikes parked there mainly from locals still working nearby I guess. And the little bit I've been out, I've seen a number of instances of locals not following the rules. It will be interesting to see how strictly it's enforced. If it is enforced, I expect to Pecalang, neighborhood security, standing at the entrances and walking on the beachwalk and that will be that. 

So Sarah took dogette Bandita for a walk and there was no way to get to the beach and the Pecalang, pictured, asked where her mask was and said she should not go out without one. She'd left it here because she didn't think she'd be near anyone.- dc   

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