Thursday, April 9, 2020

A venture out

Had to leave the house today to get a mic stand, two pop filters for mics (the blue and black), the shock mount that the red ic is in, and a music stand not pictured. That's driver of six years Nyoman and Joni of Anima Music in Renon, Denpasar on the right. I've got on a face mask too. Joni is playing music with friends, not worried. That's dogette Bandi at the very bottom left. First time I've seen Nyoman in a couple of weeks. He's at home, not going out. I payed him about 3x normal. He never tells me how much. Usually he'll try to return money if I pay too much but this was more than that. He's out of work. A lot of people are. For how long> - DC

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