Saturday, March 14, 2020


Was sent an Important Message via What's App today from a well-meaning friend. It was in Indonesian with seven points on the Corona Virus. I read the whole thing because it's fun for me to do so in Indonsian. Understood most of it and got some help from Google Translate along the way. Sent her the link to the left from a page which came up immediately when I threw the heading and first line in the URL line. I already knew it was not reliable for a few reason. The heading of Important Message, A sentence at the end telling the reader to send it on to everyone - those are both give-aways. And it was supposidly from UNISEF and not the UN body dealing with the virus, the WHO. One last sign is that it was a forwarded message. Bad thing to do. I'll stick with the pros in the regular channels. I know they'll make mistakes and be off to an unknown degree, but in the long run I trust they'll be the most reliable. - dc

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