Saturday, March 28, 2020

Being a Know--it-almost

Just posted the paragraph below on a discussion on Facebook and share it now here (I do that sort of thing a lot - lift paragraphs out of emails etc).

I grew up in Texas with fairly enlightened parents and I knew that almost everyone believed a lot of nonsense but they were mainly nice people and I knew to keep my perspective to myself - until I got older as in teenager and then more and more other things I believed I saw as being nonsense and harmful and it all started to fall away - tried to do good things like civil rights stuff and SDS but didn't really get in the grove till I became a hippie - and that was before Herb Caen coined that word. I think a pivitol moment came about when I was 19 when I read Rimbaud's "Everything we are taught is false." Oh cool - I just did a search to check my source and accuracy on that quote and got this from the late great writer Jim Harrison: "I think that I was nineteen when Rimbaud's 'Everything we are taught is false' became my modus operandi." Back to me DC - And now after a lifetime of seeking, studying the wisdom and practice of great sages, I have learned that also - Everything I teach is false.

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