Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Bali Report

I am pretty cut off from almost everyone now. My wife just left for America for six weeks and might not be back then. Her return flight is already canceled. Whenever she leaves I become a sort of hermit and stay home and work which is what I do when she's here too but with her I go out some. But now it's super hermit. House cleaner still comes. I love her and would miss her and she's got alcohol and water spray bottles around and wipes stuff off and we chat a little while she's here three times a week - in Indonesian - which is one of my favorite things to do. She brings fruit and flowers. I go to the beach with our doggy - it's pretty bare there now but even when it's busy it isn't that full of people. Pretty quite here. Much of Bali is usually a big traffic jam and now I hear it's the tourist, expat heavy places that are the quietest, that elsewhere it's closer to normal. Not much virus yet but I'm worried they'll be hit hard because people here don't tend to take anything seriously unless it's falling on their head. What's doing that now is that tourists can't get in so easy - no visa on arrival. Need a visa from a consulate or embassy. Poor planning. Live for today. Most people have little or no savings. It's mainly shut down. Bali's economy is 80% tourism. This will be far worse than after the bombings in 2002 and 3 because tourism grew little by little after that. There were many suicides then. I got a report from a neighbor yesterday who'd been out doing errands. She said everything's open, that the tourist places are almost empty but that the local traffic etc is pretty much the same. She said there were long lines at Immigration. I pray for Bali. And for you and yours - and please don't ask to whom - there is no whom in my view.

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