Thursday, March 12, 2020

AA Most Effective Studies Show

NY Times Article reporting on recently released thorough studies show AA works better and leads to far fewer costs - it's free.

Friends of Bill (AA folks) I've known have a much higher rate of remaining abstinant than what this article reports as AA's average - 22 to 37%. But most of the people I'm around have some sort of spiritual practice and that definitely helps = even if it involves believing in nonsense. One statistic therein, that is typical of ones I've seen for decades is that alcohol kills more than 10 times the number of people that illegal drugs do worldwide - 3.3 million. I bet it's more but that sort of number must have a lot of guesswork in it. I call myself a friend of Bill's friends. This is the 16th year without a drop. I've been around the 12 steps in so many ways for so long, especially in the last 16 years, that it has infused into my system. Dearly departed bud Niels Holm called AA "America's greatest religion." It has been a most benefitial contribution to the world. It's an original harm reduction system. - dc 

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