Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Minding 3

My buddy Ward who is no longer with us in the veil of tears and I spent a lot of time together when we were kids. Met him in the 4th grade. By the 8th grade he was spending a lot of time at our house and that continued till I left town at 18. I had two beds and one of them was his quite a bit. Sometimes I'd get a feeling and go sit by the phone and he'd call within a minute. Or I could think I want to talk to him and I'd go to the phone and he'd call. I don't know if that happened to him. Maybe I used to know. It's not something we talked about and I didn't even think about it till years later. We didn't communicate much living in different parts of the country. Might talk to him once a year and when I was in Fort Worth he'd come up from Houston. Once I said to him that I'm sorry I don't write or call him much at all and he said, "That's alright David, I always know how you are." Sue Spivey who was in our class and lived nearby and her mother had that sort of connection.

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