Thursday, February 6, 2020

Maintanance of computers report

I always want to have two laptops because my main Asus needs to go to the shop now and then and I must keep working or my life will lose meaning or at least I'll get behind on some articificial goal. I called my tech guy Untung about a software problem and he sent a guy over on a motorbike who took care of it but then there was another problem and Untung fixed it dealing with me now and now from his home with Team Viewer. Oka who'd come the day before had returned with the backup computer, a seven year old Asus, because it had died. Had a mainboard problem. I asked him what he could do to speed it up and he said new hard drive so Oka brought it back with both those tasks done and the old harddrive in a box so it can be used as a backup hard drive - but for now it's a safety in case there are any kinks in the new hard drive and the clone of the old programs and data on it. When we're satisfied the new HD is okay, he'll re-format it as just an external HD without all the programs etc. Just in time because on Saturday morning we're going to the nearby island of Lembongan for three nights, a gift from son Kelly for my 75th this Sunday. I don't like to travel with the good Asus. But also there are some problems with it and it's still on warrenty. Touchpad is out and mouse immediately starts giving me wrist pains. A few other things. If Untung can't fix it he'll send it over to Asus and if they need to order a part they'll send it back till the part comes so I can use it. Hoping though it can be all fixed by the time we're back from Lembongan. And an Untung staff guy just dropped by to deliver a new set of earplugs for Katrinka. Anyway, love the tech support here. Efficient and way cheaper than the US. This message has been approved by that dog which is not our dog.

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