Thursday, January 30, 2020

Two Guardian articles on tobacco habit with interesting messages

Lungs damaged by smoking can 'magically' heal – study - good news - it's never too late - the body heals. And I think we can help it heal by sending ourselves healing messages and not getting to uptight about it. And maybe the biosphere can heal too in some similar way from the damage we keep doing much akin to a chronic, self-destructive smoker.  Good luck to us all!


Vaping made me realise addiction forces you to confront how pathetic and powerless you are - I don't like the use of "you" that way. I is safest but we is really what the author means. Anyway, how true how true - but somehow we can find a way to change. I left behind my substance problems fifteen years ago and I'm not plagued by any bad eating compulsions either, but I still have to deal with habits. Everything we do, it seems to me, creates a grove that we slide into the next time and cut it deeper. The ruts I get into these days mainly have to do with applying myself to work. I'm always involved with multiple tasks and usually one main one in particular that I want to get through and usually the key to getting through it is to get past distracting obstacles, roadblocks in attitude and focus. It may look undoable. Doubt attacks. I don't fight. I just express my wish and eventually it's done.  


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