Saturday, January 18, 2020

Even More on Fungi

Clay was two and a half. He, Kelly, and I drove from Santa Fe to Fort Worth overnight, leaving after living there for a year with Elin. Kelly was 20, visiting and helping us get ready for the move. Elin had driven a rental truck to Bay Area then flew to DFW to meet us. Before K, C, and I left, we visited some folks - Bob Watkins and other friends in Taos at a powwow, Joan Halifax, Josh Shrei and a party of others Kelly's age who were having a hair party - cutting, dying, mohawks. We both got our heads shaved. And we visited with Willem Malten of the wonderful Cloud Cliff Bakery who gave us a big bag of mushrooms and told us to set aside a day to eat them all at once for the maximum effect. He was into the Terrance McKenna trip where when one gets high on them one is melding with the mind of the mushrooms which are from outer space and bring love. I gave up psychedelics in 67 so I told Kelly he could keep them, but as I drove at night with him and Clay asleep, I decided I could take one tiny nibble off one. That got me as high as I could be and still feel okay driving. Wow. I had to concentrate constantly, and decided to follow Willem's advice and let the love of the mushrooms guide me and it all worked out with me softly chanting "All is love" as I drove into the night.

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