Monday, December 16, 2019

Bandi's Indra

Got this photo off the web someone took while at Oomba.

We've been going to a place called Mostly Jazz Brew sometimes on Friday evenings to hear Indonesian jazz great Indra Lesmana jam with other musicians. So good. Indra is Sanskrit for senses. Our dogette Bandi has some super senses. The other evening I walked her down the Beach a ways to a place called Oomba to have a few snacks and hear some music by some local musicians we know. It was sort of a jam too but more in the folk, blues, reggae, edgy stuff. We were waiting for Katrinka to join us. Bandi was walking around having fun watching, smelling, hearing, but I had to go out back and find her because she'd found some other dogs to play with and dogs can get stolen here so I brought her back and tied her up. She doesn't mind that.
She just sat there by me seeming rather content. All of a sudden though she snapped to it and darted out as far as the leash would let her and sat at attention staring down the wide brick pathway. I thought, oh, Katrinka is walking up and stood up. But no Katrinka. I thought, oh she senses Katrinka is coming, can hear or smell or whatever and knows she'll be walking up in thirty seconds or so. But no. A few minutes passed before Katrinka showed up. Bandi seemed to sense Katrinka was coming minutes before she even made the turn off the street that leads up to the pathway we're down. All I could think was, that doesn't seem possible. I mentioned that to Mary's father Steve and he told about how there's a guy who goes door to door at times in their neighborhood that the dog doesn't like and will growl when she hears him approach, hair standing on end - and that's starting when the dog is inside and the guy is way down the street. Amazing.

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