Saturday, November 16, 2019

Lumbung Damuh

We're in Buitan at Lumbang Damuh and the 17th is Kat's birthday. We'll be walking up into the mountain to some villages accessible by scooter only. Not that far away. So nice and cool here with the ocean breeze blowing through us. We're up a little and about fifty yards from the waves. Such a cool place. Lumbung is a shed to store rice in.  It's a small, cozy, funky place with thatch roofs, a communal kitchen, clay earth oven used for bread and pizza. This is the most hippie place we know of in Bali. Tanya runs it. She's Indonesian from Jakarta with Dutch father and German mothere, both of whom now live near here. They're cool too. He was a POW in WWII here, became house boy for the camp commander whom he says was a mean bad person. Locals came in and killed him as soon as the war was over. More stories. We're coming for his 90th birthday in a couple of months. We've stayed her a number of times. Only an hour and a half from our home in Sanur. Tanya just brought me two slices of warm bread fresh out of the oven - with butter and honey.

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