Friday, November 8, 2019

Gregory's Last Post

Gregory in front. Godfrey with the farmer hat - at his place in Tabanan.

Gregory has gone. Here's his last day's Bali post. He always fixes stuff when he visits or helps with some task - even if it's a big job. He's the guy you want to invite to come visit when you're getting ready to put on an addition to your place. In 1980 when I quit the host job at Greens (which I loved doing, but two years was enough), for two weeks he helped me start a little roofing company called Roofer Madness where I mainly repaired tar and gravel roofs with an acrylic. Maybe his month here could be considered partial payment for that because I treated him like slave labor. 

He has a lot of good stories and should put them on his new blog.  Bye Gregory.

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