Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Round Spoons

Something that is similar between my experience in Japan three decades ago and here in Bali is that in both cases, we first had these lovely roundish soup spoons and then when we got more spoons, they were less roundish regular old oval soup spoons. I never ceased to regret that we didn't get more of same type of spoon in Japan and I think about that here too daily as I deal with spoons daily. The difference is that in Japan I did not know why I was so pleased and drawn to the more roundish spoons. I realized why one day while visiting my mother in Texas and finding my round silver baby spoon. I remember looking at it and realizing - oh - that's why. And yesterday I remembered that again for the first time here - and had the same epiphiny redux. Oh yes - that's why. I remember now.

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