Thursday, October 24, 2019

Hardware Success

L to R - DC, Gregory, Depak, stranger at Bhikena Djaja Kopi Bali

photo from Gregory Chronicles Blog and here's his account - Adventures in Hardware - of that endless seemingly futile shopping trip

Here's a video from Youtube on this coffee shop

Continuing on from yesterday,
we went to another far away big hardware/home store yesterday and it also didn't have the springy hinge we were looking for or any way to get a door to close automatically so we tried to find the sixth hardware store but failed. There are door closers but that's overkill for a light screen door and don't want to go that way. Gave up. Went to the central market area of Denpasar so Gregory could buy some material for his wife Carol. There was a block of shop after shop with all sorts of material from Bali and other islands but Gregory was afraid she wouldn't like what he got so I took him to a coffee shop where they grind and roast and package coffee in back and Depak came up to me. Oh great. One of my favorite people here. So we sat with him and a stranger and talked. He speaks excellent English so he and Gregory talked and I talked with the stranger in Indoneisan. He gave me some green tea. Depak and his wife are Pakistani Hindus born in Bali, own a natural food store, have grey water system at home, cook with biofuels they make themselves. He's into Advaita Vedanta Hinduism, to me the essence, Zen Hinduism. I got a bunch of tea at the coffee shop and some Arabica beans for Katrinka and Gregory. Depak got involved with a family from India. Told him we'd drop by his store on the way home. We made one last attempt to find that sixth hardware store. It seemed futile but I said it would bother me if we didn't try and our plumber/electrician had recomended it. We did find it and they did not have what we sought but the salesman found it searching with his smart phone and said he'd have it for us today - an adjustable spring hinge to close the front screen door automatically. We'll get a gojek motorbike delivery of it today or tomorrow I bet. Sucess after hours of riding around in heavy traffic and chatting non stop with Gregory as he snapped pics of all the motor bikes surrounding the cars and all sorts of stores and eateries and people going here and there. Ran into Depak and the Indian family at Depak's Satvika Bhoga natural food store. Another four hour trip. No more vehicles for a while. Phew. Another day in paradise. 

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