Thursday, September 5, 2019

Kardino brings the wood

Kardino is an old carpenter who does work for us sometimes here in Sanur. The guest toilet room doorway frame wouldn't hold the bottom hinge anymore. He looked at it and said it was termites. It was made from pretty hard camphor but the termites here will get to that after a while. Wood had to be replaced all the way around. He said our home was built in 67. I wondered if this was the first time it had to be replaced. He rides a bicycle so I said that Nyoman could drive him there and get it with his bemo (like a VW bus with open side). He said he could get it easy with his bike. I asked if he could get me a hammer there. He said he'd have to go over to another store a ways from there. I said that's too far, I'll get it later. He replied that he rode his bike 15 kilometers to get here from home so that was nothing. Next morning he showed up  with the wood and hammer.

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