Friday, September 27, 2019

Getting an Indonesian Drivers Liscence

I think it's pretty easy for a foreigner to get a drivers liscence here now, but it wasn't always. A woman we know and her husband have been here in Bali twelve years. When they applied to get drivers liscences they were required to take a multiple choice test in Indonesian with a time limit of fifteen minutes. They studied and tried but it was too hard and they both failed. They were told they could come back and take it as many times as they needed but they gave up. They have a business here and someone who worked for them had a relative that worked with the police office that issues drivers licenses. One day he got hold of them early and said that the computer was down in that office for the day so they should go there now. They did and since the computer was down were not required to take a test and got their licences. Katrinka and I don't drive here so we'll miss out on this area of experience.

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