Tuesday, September 10, 2019


Bought some bananas at a store nearby here in Sanur. They were billed as pisang susu, milk bananas. Those are ususally small and sweet. These were medium size and fully yellow. But when I tried one I had to put it in the compost. It wasn't near ripe. I've run into that before with some bananas here. You've got to feel them too. They last really well. The ones that last the least long are the large yellow ones like in America. They're also our least favorite of the eating type. I say eating type because a lot of bananas are best for cooking. I've gone to the banana stall in the market and the whole long table will be full of different types and the guy will tell me there's nothing today. I learned from him about our favorite type which they call green bananas. That means they don't turn yellow. They turn black. 

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