Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Cold Water

Katrinka, Dogette Bandi, and I took a walk to the Sanur beach today. She'd just returned from a meeting, had some time before another one, so she fit that in between. I wanted to take a break to walk and swim, and going there is Bandi's favorite thing to do. As soon as we're in the alley to the beach, we unhook her leash and she's free to sniff and trot and when we get to the sand she's running, zipping into the water to wade some (not a swimming type mutt), and then chase fast little crabs. Katrinka walks down to the jetty and back and swim down to her and usually she'll take a dip but not today - water too cold and she had to get back. I never felt it so cold. This is the coldest time of the year but the water had never before felt cold once I was in for a minute. Pockets of warm water would come and go, sometimes warm on top and cold on the bottom. The current was so strong sideways I couldn't make any headway and was in the same place when she got back. On the way back I wondered if the cold water was from all the melting ice coming from Anarctica. 

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