Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Let's Eliminate most Imprisonment

Ever since high school when I read George Bernard Shaw's The Crime of Imprisonment,  I've been against imprisoning people who are not dangerous. The knee-jerk response to criminal wrong-doing on the part of most people is to see the perpetrators in prison. When Jerry Brown came to Tassajara I gave him a copy of Kind and Usual Punishment by Jessica Mitford about the counter-productive horrors of the prison system. How about community service instead? Crooked politicians, as long as they're not dangerous personally, could be required to clean the streets, work in hospitals, or whatever. Those who start wars could be required to work in veteran's hospitals for the rest of their lives. People who cause harm or damage could work to compensate their victims in a productive way. There's an old woman who's been working on this a long time. I can't find a link to her now. There's a lot on this sort of idea on the web. Like this on a judge who advocates eliminating most prisons. 

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