Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Tennis and Healing

Played tennis yesterday. Gatot from Java was confused on where we're playing cause he came to pick me up thirty minutes early but we played nearby rather than on the roof at Prime Plaza 20 minutes drives away. I was going to ride with him but he said Bandi dogette would get hair in his car. Bandi doesn't shed much - we never notice any - but I realized that the real reason was said partner is a Muslim. So I walked Bandi to the court. She knows to stay on the side of the court from getting hit by balls when she didn't and she's easy to shoo off if she forgets so she mainly walked around the edges and watched. Afterwards I joined Aussie John and Dutch Herman for some delicious dragon fruit juice (no sugar, no ice, no straw) while they each drank a Bintang (star) beer which is rather popular here. I mentioned how I'd picked up a bit of Trager technique from ex wife #1 Daya body worker and how just rocking Katrinka hands on the side of her bum while she lay face down eased her lower back pain. Elin and I used that effectively too. John said he'd studied shiatsu and Reiki and had used Reiki on others a lot and that it worked quite well but that he stopped because he kept getting what the recipients had. But he said that yesterday he used it on a young girl with a 39 degree (102 F) temperature. He demonstrated, putting his right hand in front of his forehead, sweeping it over the head  keeping it four inches or so away from touching, then swiftly bringing it down on the back side. Did it a for a big and in five minutes he said her temperature was normal. 

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