Monday, May 6, 2019

Science and Environment News

Many days my only news is science and environment news which puts all the world news story in perspective. First there's BBC Science and Environment where I learn that UK 'can cut emissions to nearly zero' by 2050 which of course means we all could if we paid attention or cared. Also looked at Nature's emergency: Where we are in five graphics. Then to Guardian's Environment/Climate Change where a recent article stated: Climate change costings that don't count the cost of inaction are worthless. Nature/Climate Change is excellent and more academic as with .

And of course there are many other excellent sources for science and environment news - including Facebook. Al Rapaport just posted this link on Facebook: Salt Water Fish Extinction Seen by 2048. I shared it with the following comment:

Can't keep up with the bad news. It's coming in avalanches. World society is doing next to nothing about it that makes much of a difference..

And I do check out stuff that isn't about our impending doom like: Box jellyfish: Australian researchers find antidote for world's most venomous creature - I swim in southern seas and think about them sometimes. I recall that one can protect against box jellyfish with even fine material like the hose that women I was around as a kid used to wear. John Tarrant of PZI was once surrounded by the lethal critters and managed to escape through a narrow passage. Good news to me is like the delicious fruit on the vine enjoyed by the monk on a cliff before his fall. Have a good day.

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