Thursday, May 2, 2019

Lovelies Rita and granddaughter Lucia have gone home

It was a wonderful 28 day visit. Rita is so simpatica, thoughtful. Lucia is tons of fun, delightfully expressive, and, something her parents can't be as aware of as Katrinka and I, a rather low maintenance baby - not that they aren't all high maintenance. She's so curious and easy to please. Rita got to experience a pretty good mix of what's in our reach here in Bali: good people local and import, great food both local, international, nouvelle Bali, and the home cooking here was her fave. She like us is a pescetarian. Got a nice dose of good beaches and low trash not cold ocean water which Lucia immediately took to. Sand and water are so nifty and involving for little ones. We four joined the full moon Hindu purification rites at a nearby temple which included immersing completely in the mangrove water, next getting it poured over our heads repeatedly by a chanting priest. Hypnotizing Legong dance and the dynamic acapella Kacak monkey chant and fire dance in Ubud. A few days in nearby small island Lembongan. Yoga, massage, monkeys, butterfly garden, temples, ceremonies, processions, markets, rice terrace vistas, zip line, water rafting where she saw a nice big monitor lizard sunbathing, scuba diving, listening to local live music modern and traditional. Motorscooters, cars, cooperative driving with little honking and no anger. Island fabric and art. Dentistry. Other babies and moms. She and Lucia blended right in with it all. May they return soon.

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