Saturday, May 11, 2019

How to treat a cut

I hurt my big toe stupidly rolling our heavy metal front gate up to it - couldn't go over. Katrinka wrapped it in waterproof bandages after I stuck it under the faucet in the tub watching the red swirls. The waterproofing works cause I  have had three showers since then and swam at the beach earlier and the toe's still bandaided fine.  Our friend Sarah is a diving master. She wrote "Diving in Indonesia." We compared feet. One of hers is wrapped in cellophane tape. She got just a tiny cut but she can't walk on the beach barefoot with it or a grain or three of sand gets in and ouch. She's spent a lot of time on remote islands in Indonesia beyond easy reach of pharmacies and clinics, places where when it gets serious you got to get helicoptered out. That's where she got into sellotape as she called it. She used the term generically like Kleenex is used but that's also the brand name of a clear medical tape sold in her native England. She said if she was way out somewhere and got a larger wound, that she knew she had to immediately do what she could to avoid infection which happens easily in the tropics. Wounds don't heal quickly here either.  So she'd painfully scrub the wound with a brush and fill it with super glue. Worked every time she said.

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