Thursday, May 23, 2019

Call it a Climate Crisis

From - We hit a horrifying milestone this past week: the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere reached 415 parts per million — the highest level ever recorded in human history. But you wouldn’t know we’ve reached the tipping point by watching the news.
Media outlets need to call it like it is: a climate crisis. Sign today to call on networks and newsrooms to give this crisis the coverage it merits.
We’re facing environmental destruction on an unprecedented scale. Yet, our leaders are still dragging their feet, and many people remain unconvinced of what scientists have said is true for decades. It’s real. It’s happening. It’s the largest existential threat we’ve faced yet, and we need mainstream media to start acting like it.

Add your name today to demand major media outlets cover the climate crisis with frequent and in-depth coverage.
Words matter. Networks enable complacency and inaction by failing to give the climate crisis the coverage it deserves. It’s high time major networks convey the urgency of the climate crisis.
Thanu Yakupitiyage
More Information:

  1. It’s Official: Atmospheric CO2 Just Exceeded 415 PPM for the First Time in Human History

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