Saturday, April 13, 2019

Bonnie's Ashes Site

Dear friend Bonnie died suddenly of a stroke in a gym here in Sanur last January. She and her husband Phil have come here from Michigan for a few months every Northern Hemisphere winter.  Met him at that same gym where I often play tennis. I was in a Vipassana retreat. Katrinka was immediately with Phil helping out. Did Bonnie's hair for the funeral. Bonnie's ashes were spread at sea with rose petals scattered with them. Someone took a photo from the boat and this artist rendered it into a painting. He obviously isn't thinking about the actual subject of his art. Or maybe he is. Funerals and cremations with processions of the whole neighborhood and gatherings to support those left behind are one of the most obvious things that happen here.

And below are Phil and Bonnie. We will miss her, a really sweet person. - dc

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