Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Why Do we live here?

Just had some communication with an old friend who asked what drew Katrinka and me to Bali. Here's what I answered:

Past wife experience Elin and I spent two months here in 92 so I had an idea what it's like. My mother died (an inspiring event) and Katrinka's ex died in a convalescent home and we were free and had a little bit of money which I suggested would go a lot further in Asia so on Dec. 1, 2013 we flew to Singapore. After a week there to Bali where we spent three months, then four in Thailand and Japan and then back to Bali which we'd already decided before we left to return to. It's mainly pleasant with plenty to complain about like anywhere, nice good people, an excellent place for me to work without a lot of distraction, Katrinak's quite involved with social work and helping people, and it's much much cheaper than living in the US anywhere we'd want to live. We live in a small world, don't have or need a vehicle, walk a lot, do yoga, swim, have friends, a rather uncomplicated life but still not away from excellent services and infrastructure. Live near a good beach at the edge of the big city, Denpasar. Also I love dealing in other languages even though I never get fluent - hardly anyone does although anyone who speaks even a little bit of a foreign language tends to be called fluent by those who don't. I've not been back to the US and have no plans to do so though things happen. Love, DC [image is a street about five minutes walk from here. Ours is a small dead end one.]

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