Friday, March 8, 2019

March 8th

Today's a big day. It's the 2nd day of the traditional year, Caka 1941 - in Bali. The day after the darkness, limitation, fasting and meditating (theoretically) of Nyepi on March 7th (this year's date),  is called Manis Nyepi. Nyepi comes from sepi when means quiet or empty and manis is sweet. On Manis Nyepi people traditionally go to the beach to purify, many entering the water (not swimming). I wanted to go to the beach on this morning but there was more happening on the 8th for me. Katrinka flew back from 33 days away with family including new granddaughter. I had much preparation to do as the housecleaner is off for the holidays (of which there are many here). And there were flowers to get out of the fridge and distribute. Had to be in the fridge cause couldn't get any today or yesterday. And then March 8th is Women's Day so thank you women everywhere for doing what you do and may there come a time when every day is women's day and there's one day for men. Men deserve one day. My mother died on March 8th, 2013 at about ten minutes to midnight. I was sitting right by her. It was a good passing.

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