Tuesday, March 19, 2019

A Purchase in Bali

Phillip, our old neighbor of three years, is buying a villa here in Bali. A villa here can be anything from a house to an estate. He's English and foreigners can't buy here but he's married to a local woman so maybe she's buying it or maybe he's buying a 50 year lease. I don't know. What I do know is that he's buying it sight unseen. That doesn't sound wise does it? And people can get ripped off here and if you're a foreigner or of meager means, good luck getting your money back. But he's doing it anyway. He said this is the fourth time he's bought property sight unseen and all the others have worked out. Should Phillip be restrained by his family? One might think so but then one would be rushing to judgement. Phillip is blind.  His wife and assistant of twenty years do see what he buys and through them and listening, touching, and smelling, he forms an opinion. We will visit and bless the new digs soon. And that villa in the image is just a pic plucked off the web.

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