Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A Belated post valentines Post

On February 15th, the day after Valentines Day, I read a poem named The Last Valentine at a poetry slam in Ubud. I was going to read something old but before I left I looked at their flier and saw that the suggested theme was - well, here's the message:
It's Valentine's Week, hit us with your hottest pick up lines!

Unspoken - Bali Poetry Slam presents you
Open Mic Vol. 1 - TELL ME MORE
at Uma Seminyak on Friday the 15th at 5 PM.

Meet the Bali Slammers All-Star, Wulan, Juli, Sidhi, Auf, David and Gek Ning and have fun with the best crowd! Bring your friends, your bae, your family, or even if you're alone, just bring yourself and you'll make new connections.

See you there! #Unspoken #PoetrySlam #Poetry

As you can see, aside from me, it's a young, mainly local crowd. Poems can be in English or Indonesian or both. They prefer there be some English in them.

The Last Valentine 

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