Sunday, December 23, 2018


Thirty years ago today on December 23, 1988, Elin Schweickart and I got married in Osaka,  secular and unceremonious. It was also Emperor Hiroshito's birthday. We called home then from a pay phone in a hotel. Luke warm responses as I recall, like polite approval. I remember her saying to her father, "No, I took Chadwick," and "Schweickart is a man's name too and anyway..." I hesitate to quote there because she said rather strongly that she was dying to get rid of that last name.  Now she's Elin Powers, happily married to Dave. I do indeed look back fondly on the years with Elin. She calls me her Wasband and I call her, at her brilliant suggestion, my past wife experience.

There's a chapter about it in Thank You and OK! - Marital Bows

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