Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Read two articles on memory in Guardian science section this morning.

We Can Never Fully Trust our Memory


How to Avoid Loosing your Memory in the Digital Age about memory athletes. Talks about how we can greatly improve memory through practice and effort. Methods of associating what's to be remembered with something else, the most common being rooms in a building one is familiar with. The article didn't mention it but that's an old method monks used to memorize scripture. I remember Peter Coyote talking about some method like that he used. I've used a list of items for years to recall items I don't want to forget. One to six is wan, tool, tree, fort, fife, sex. I remember driving somewhere in Texas when I was young. Stopped at a diner Bought a book on how to remember there. Read it while waiting for dinner. The author's method was to place each item to be remembered on some part of an automobile. Seemed good. Driving on I later realized I'd left the book back at the diner. Darn.

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