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Foto-foto Untuk Kuliah --- Photos for the Talk

Photos for talk to students going into the hospitality field at a high school in Denpasar
Foto foto tempat di sebut oleh David di kuliah singkat 
di SMK3n, Jl. Tirta, Denpasar, Bali - October 19, 2018

There are four departments (jurusan): hotel, restaurant, fashion, salon/spa

I'll talk in Indonesian (with help) about my wife Katrinka McKay and my hospitality work experiences in California. Mine with the San Francisco Zen Center, hers more extensive and from teen years
to right before we left for Asia five years ago. - David Chadwick

David was born in 1945 in Texas, USA. Moved to San Francisco in 1966 at the age of 21 and got involved with the San Francisco Zen Center which met at the Zen Buddhist temple Sokoji founded in 1938 for the Japanese American Soto Zen community. We meditated there, chanted sutras, and heard lectures.

The priest of the temple, Shunryu Suzuki Roshi

In 1967 Shunryu Suzuki and his students bought Tassajara Hot Springs south of San Francisco in Monterey County deep in the mountains and founded the first Buddhist monastery outside of Asia open to anyone who wished to practice there. We also kept it up for guests from May till early September.

Tassajara Hot Springs - Zen Mountain Center

the guest dining room below which David managed during guest season
for four years- student rooms above

Shunryu Suzuki lecturing in  zendo (meditation hall) David just over his left shoulder-1967

L to R Phillip Wilson, Shunryu Suzuki, his wife Mitsu, ?, David Chadwick, Richard Baker-1968

Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind - 1970

Tassajara Bread Book - 1970 by Ed Brown

Tassajara Bakery - 1976 to 1999

Green Gulch Green Grocer - 1975-1984
David at cash register directly below top light in photo

Green Gulch Farm on highway 1 north of San Francisco - SFZC farm and monastery since 1972 by the ocean

                                                    Lindesfarne Guest House

Inside Guest House

Wheelwright Center for conferences and meetings


The SFZC's Greens Restaurant in San Francisco at the Marina, since 1979.
David was host for the first two years


                                                               Greens Cook Book

The main places where Katrinka worked:

Started her career in hospitality at 21 as a waitress and bar-tender at Vesuvio Cafe in historic North Beach in San Francisco


A waitress at the Sand Dollar Restaurant for nine years, a restaurant
at Stinson Beach north of San Francisco


General manager for seven years of the Caprice Restaurant north of San Francisco on the Bay


General manager for ten years of the Pelican Inn, a traditional English pub and inn at Muir Beach north of San Francisco and next to Green Gulch Farm


Transitional manager for five months, Taychreggan hotel and restaurant
in Scotland on Loch Awe north of Glasgow


Waitress, bartender, assisted managing for five years Panama Hotel and Restaurant in San Rafael north of San Francisco


At David and Katrinka's wedding in at Sindhu Beach, Sanur, Bali - July 10, 2015


David at Bali Usada Forest Island, Tabanan, Bali
Article on a retreat there - in English - Bahasa Indonesia


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