Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Crazy Rich Singapore

We're in Singapore for a few days, getting our new residence visas for Indonesia. Walked around town, took the MRT subway (though it's above ground further out), We're staying in Chinatown. Had some great food, cheap there, more on posh Orchard Road, and most by the rockin' river. All food good, very good. The river boat ride at night passes by astounding skylines, architecture, variety, old, new, imaginative, much of it lit like Vegas, and like the vast malls of the city, shouting glamour and glitz. At an Imax saw Crazy Rich Asians which mainly takes place in Singapore - got a lot of good shots of the city too - and focuses not on the obvious and enormous wealth of the exterior, but on that of the super-rich elite and likely in a make-believe way. My favorite line in the film from a parent urging a child to eat all their food with, "Think of the starving children in America!"

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