Friday, September 29, 2017

Mt. Agung close to an eruption

Every day we hear an eruption is more likely - from the news and expat sources. Just read this in the Star Online, a Malaysian news service. We're around a lot of locals, more than usual these days because we just moved into a new home and there's a lot of work going on but none of them seem to pay any attention to it. But that's because we're 38 miles from the volcano here. About 150,000 people have left their homes, more than half of them outside the evacuation zone. Katrinka and I decided to be better prepared for possible disruption in services. We've got a water filter and have been storing extra drinking water in containers. Filled a 30 gallon can in the courtyard. Bought two little burners with gas canisters - like you'd take camping, got a bunch of canned and packaged food. All of that is highly unlikely to be necessary but it gives us peace of mind and it's fun. If it does erupt the main danger likely is ash and that means staying inside. Meanwhile there's so much going on at home that we forget what's happening aside from putting stuff here and there, installing fans, and screens doors and so forth. - dc

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