Tuesday, May 16, 2017


Just stayed three nights in Buitan near Candidasa at hip Tania and Lempot's Lumbung Damuh where we've been a few times before. Walked down the black sand and pebble beach a few hundred yards to where it ends in rock and soil jutting out.  Past catamarans and beach shacks, a narrow stream running into the sea. When I got back I asked Tania where all that Styrofoam came from - and those big things - what are they? She explained. And this Facebook post explained it too. That photo is just one from that post. It's in Candidasa. Tania explained that those big things, as you see in the water to the left, are cement covered Styrofoam floats that they anchored out a ways to break the waves to impede shore erosion. Problem is they break loose and bust up. They were made at Buitan and floated up there and when that failed as in the picture they were returned to the water off Buitan where some broke loose and busted up. There are small and large pieces of Styrofoam littered along the beach and that's after the cleanup. The kids love playing on the beached float and were using large pieces of Styrofoam to float on in the pool in the stream.

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