Saturday, May 20, 2017

Animal Sacrifice

Katrinka and I were sitting at a table by the black sand and pebble and stone beach in Buitan. A small pura next door, a shrine. Local people had gathered for a ceremony - women in colorful sarongs, men in white with head wraps, kids sitting together near us. Katrinka said she wanted to leave now. The reason - she was anticipating they might start sacrificing some piglets. She'd seem them washed up on the beach after a ceremony there, their feet bound.  Our hostess says they throw them in the ocean that way during ceremonies. Just certain ceremonies. So we left. I've heard a lot about animal sacrifice here, about taking dogs, cats, cattle out in boats and coming back without them. Some have started the practice of not hobbling them so they have a good chance to get back. I read that Tannah Lot, one of the most famous temples here - and just below Trumps five or six star golf resort to be - has sacrifice with every ceremony..That photo's just off the web but it's just what the beach and kids looked like.

An article on Animal sacrifice in Bali - fixed this link

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