Thursday, March 30, 2017

Nyepi stars

Nyepi in Bali was over yesterday morning at six am. Everything dark. No TV signal but Internet continued. Wayan who works here and I covered the windows. With everything closed I turned on the living room AC adjusting it to high. Cheated and went out a couple of times to look at the sky - once at 10pm and then at midnight walked slowly, carefully in total dark over to the pool, slipped in and lay there looking at the splendor of the sky before electricity. Photo off the net supposidly from Changu an hour away. It was even more spectacular but most the photos if one does a searchn image search for "night sky Nyepi" don't capure the brightness and manyness. Wish we had it once a month. Heck - once a week worldwide.

I've made this same sort of post after Nyepi before as I fainly recall. Anyway, we could go a long way toward reducing light polution if we moved toward more indirect light and didn't have lights that shone up to the sky.

The Mother Nature Network has five tips to curb light pollution.

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