Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Earthquake this morning

I was up late last night and was lying awake in bed a little after seven and noticed sounds coming from the livingroom kitchen area almost like there was someone in there but the screen door is locked so I thought must be some bigger gecko or lizard. Hadn't noticed any big ones living inside recently. I was preparing to get up when I noticed the bed shaking, everything shaking little bit then more and realized what was happening and jumped up and grabbed some shorts I decided to slip into and by the time I got to the door it had stopped. Just didn't seem strong enough to merit nude departure. It was a 6.4 centered in SW Badung, the province on the other side of the southern peninsula - that's where Kuta is. Thought about heading out to get up higher to avoid a tsunami but nixed that.

Later French Blandine came over with her son Max (11?). They wanted to sit and talk which we never do - just say hi and niceties. They were sort of shaken up. I likened the sound of some earthquakes I've noticed to a train. She said exactly, that she'd thought there was a train running at the school next door where all the children were screaming. Max was in bed with his eyes still closed listening to those screams and thought his mother was moving his bed side to side to wake him up. She darted in, grabbed him, and they went running out to the street.

Back to that train sound. I was standing in our front garden in Okayama Japan in about 1990 and thought I heard a distant train, very faint, and immediately thought that it might be a earthquake. Felt nothing else. Later I found out that there was a 3.5 quake centered beyond the other side of town at that time - so slight most didn't notice. Those are old train sounds, not like the new ones.

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