Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Oakland Dance Club Fire

Couldn't help but be a little worried because Elin's and my son Clay goes to clubs in Oakland now and then. He lives up in Mendocino county an hour and a half plus away. So I called him this morning his evening. Was glad when he answered. He's very sad about it, has gone there many times, says it was the coolest place on earth, full of pianos, wooden sculptures, paintings, hip artists who live there. He doesn't know of anyone who's died but he said he'll surely hear about at least friends of friends. He said he and his friends are shook up. He's not a news junkie so I updated him from the other side of the world - 33 dead at the time of the call, 36 the next day. He said there have been other disturbing deaths recently related to the pot business - in his hometown Sebastopol and Mendo, some overdoses he's heard of. Bummer days.

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