Friday, November 11, 2016

This Won't Happen because it would cause too much trouble

What about this movement to get the electors to vote for the candidate who won the most votes regardless of how their state voted? That could start now. The founders created a republic with representatives to be a buffer between the public and decisions. Electors were created somewhat to be a last check on an election. They could choose the winner of the popular vote. And then there'd be a civil war so nevermind. So even though there will surely be irreparable long lasting harm and suffering, I think the greatest blow to this menace will come from letting it play out.
And just stumbled on this in an article in the NY Post:

Clinton would need more than 20 GOP electors to go rogue and vote instead for her — a mighty tall order.

Even then, the new, Republican-controlled Congress meets Jan. 6 to approve the electoral college vote, and would certainly vote to void any roguery, handing the victory firmly back to Trump.

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