Saturday, October 1, 2016

Why not just build a house?

On January 9th, 2015 posted on Saunters here how Katrinka's son Seth had been asked here by a mountain climbing guide why American couples kiss in public. He'd climbed Bali's tallest mountain, Agung (which means highest and most austpicious) a few months prior and that question had question had lingered in my mind. But the guide had two questions he asked once they were at the peak, a peak that he and Seth's driver to the base had assumed that Seth would not get to. Every once in a while I wonder what that second question was.
So I emailed Seth and he said he'd been telling the guide how he was trying to buy a house but had to bring his credit score up and some other details of finance. The guide asked him why didn't he just build his own house? There are plenty of people here now who could related to the details of Seth's financial situation, but there are more like this guide who, as Seth put it, "I think Putu was a but more country.  He just figured I should head out into the forest and cut down some trees to build what ever house I want."

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