Friday, October 14, 2016


I am surprised at the email practices of all these people in the public eye who are surrounded by adversaries eager to pick up on any tidbit they can use to attack with. What? Are they surprised someone hacked their accounts? Did they operate on the assumption that nothing can go wrong?
It's good to be positive but also to have a running "What can go wrong?" track playing. It seems to me they don't apply rules as strictly as inconsequential I do. For I don't know how far back, I have tried not to put anything in an email that I wouldn't want someone else to see. There are many exceptions of course but ones I was willing to take. I think mainly in my case they'd be cases where I thought someone's feelings might get hurt. I'm careful what I write regarding certain genders, races, ages, religious and political views, sexual orientations, and countries among other things. Of course the stuff I've admitted to on cuke through the years would ruin the career of any would be politician other than the Donald. 

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