Friday, October 21, 2016


Spent way too much time yesterday and today on the election. I've done that before with some elections. Not really helping anything, just can't stop keeping up. Today watched Bill Maher interviewed by Fareed Zacaria and that was after everything new on 538 and then the whole Colbert Show which I went to just to see Nate Silver from 538. Have never seen it so that was neat - studied Indonesian during the many buffers due to slow internet.
Brit Hugh Laurie said the whole hate Hillary thing was a mystery to him, that he felt like he'd come in to the 2nd part of a movie where half the audience was booing her and he'd missed the part where she burned down the orphanage. Along that same vein, Bill Maher blamed it somewhat on the media's penchant for making false equivalencies as in yes, she misrepresents things 28% of the time which is about average for a politician (Fareed said below average) but Trump does so 80% of the time in such extreme ways. I'd say it was understandable if  half the voters or so disliked her for the criticisms of Bernie Sandors and the anti-war crowd. But I think she's disliked by those who dislike her because of the mindless drumbeat of "She's not likeable" coming from her opponents who just kept repeating it and people tend to be programmable. That and her being a woman with ambitions which isn't ladylike. And ambitious to do what? Like Maher indicated - work hard doing her nerdish policy wonkery for more affordable health care and so forth - and maybe drop more bombs than are being dropped now but most people don't care about that. What to me is most disturbing about this election is it reminds that being ruled by dangerous childish thugs with simple solutions and scare tactics is always close. When times get tough people tend to elect fascists. He'll probably loose but if he does it won't be because of his policies or dangerous possibilities but because he wasn't disciplined enough to keep his mouth shut at the right times. Anyway, we filled out our ballots today and they'll be faxed in within hours. - dc

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