Thursday, August 25, 2016

On Sitting in General

Here's an article on the dangers of prolonged sitting in a chair.  As is usual in this discussion, there's no consideration of sitting on the floor or with legs up which I find works better for me. I sit that way most the time but have it set up so can put my legs down for a break. Took a while but found an article on sitting on the floor here. The author is most pro doing that.
Still I try to get up every now and then to move around - there's always plenty to do like dishes, yoga, swim, walking meditation or just taking a brief walk which I tend to turn into meditation. That first article made such a point of the benefits of getting up every thirty minutes that I've started using the timer on my iPhone (which I don't use as a phone except for Skype and What's Ap). Got it set for thirty minutes. It just went off going boing! boing! boing! It seems to me like it's just been a few minutes but I'll do it. I like this new practice. - dc

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