Friday, July 29, 2016

Voting for Survival

I'm used to voting for whom I see as the best leader over our expansive empire even though I am appealed at much of what we do. I'm sure I'll vote for her but I worry about Hillary's hawk. Read this in Common Ground about the grimness reaped.

Seems to me that being on as friendly terms with Russia as possible is of great importance as is reducing our nuclear weapons to below higher species including us-terminating levels. We're always on the verge of a catastrophic nuclear war and we including our leaders don't seem to be able to keep that in mind. So to me we're insane and getting to a place of nuclear sanity is the most important goal.
Even though Trump is now the most Russia friendly candidate, obviously that could quickly change to furious with and want to destroy and many are worried about an unstable Trump getting the nuclear codes - and that's an area he can act in unilaterally (read this), but the very existence of the codes and civilization and biosphere as we know it ending bomb levels, is the primary mistake when we consider the enormous gamble we're taking,
I've been in Germany and Switzerland this month and some of the politically aware people I've talked to are more worried about Hillary's hawks pushing on Russia's periphery leading to a nuclear war with Russia - which would kill all of them and everyone else as collateral damage.But I think there's more hope with her and who knows what with him. Seems to me he's not emotionally mature or stable.

When the Bible talks about people becoming evil and being destroyed by an angry god, to me it's just a metaphor for people getting involved in harmful, suicidal behavior that led to their demise and often that of others. There has never been any situation this evil with a promise of such enormous harm. Our violent foreign policy will create and attract more violence and makes us accident prone. A nuclear war between the US and Russia would most likely be an accident that was preventable had we taken sane precautions. There wouldn't be anyone around for long to point out how stupid that idea of defense was. I pray that our leaders take another course. If we don't demand that then to me we're co-destroyers. But I don't know what to do other than tiny actions like writing this and then tend to the trivia of my life.

Species Threat #1: Nuclear War (a cuke page)

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