Saturday, June 11, 2016

Muslim wedding

Katrinka, our Russian friend Olga, and I went to a little Muslim office to be there with a few others when our friend Leia got married to a man from Java. It was all in - gosh I don't know - Arabic? They just followed what the presiding person read. At the end he told her to kiss her husband's hand. They signed papers. Photos with them and their three month old baby then with us. No music. No hokus pokus. Olga said she got married in Lebanon in '85 and it was exactly the same. Wish Katrinka had gotten a pic of a family that came taking off on their motor scooter - mom, dad, young boy and girl. The The bride, groom, and the three of us took Nyoman Dogen's bemo, like a VW bus with a side open. He'd brought us there. Then we went to a restaurant Leia suggested. Warung Teduh (Shady Restaurant). Good local eats. No one drank booze. Not a bule (white foreigner) place. Picked up the wedding feast tab for the six of us - about 19 bucks. 

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