Monday, April 11, 2016

Delivery Cost

Pregnant Aussie wife of Bali national is going to have baby delivered by her Aussie/Bali mother-in-law midwife at a top Bali hospital soon. She said it would cost $3000 Aussie dollars, which means thirty million Indonesian rupiah which means about 2300 US dollars. That's so much for here. They're going to charge her a tourist price cause she doesn't have the right visa for a local one although she's done a lot of her growing up here, mother married to a Balinese man.  So weird.
She could go to a cheaper place like I did but her family owns four restaurants and villas so I guess they want the best. She said if she went to Australia she could have it for free. Wow.  Our friend Sarah just had a baby at a famous midwifery birthing center in Ubud called Bumi Sehat (Healthy Earth) which only asks for a donation. Clay was born in Japan in a birthing center 25 years ago - covered by national health care which included $1300 to us from the government because they try to encourage Japanese to have babies.

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