Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Cecek in Sink

Pronounced Chechek. People call them gekko but They're tiny and all over behind the pictures on the walls and under cabinets. Wow - there's one getting a big something - spider? We hope they get cockroaches which we capture and put out now and then. There were two cecek in the sink the other morning who couldn't get out. Then one that got out Katrinka said the other day. They try to frantically when we try to help them with a piece of paper for them to climb on. There was a cecek in the sink the sink a few days ago. I just barely touched it's tail with a paper towel and the tail came off. I pushed it up and out from behind then watched the lone tail twitch rapidly for a minute then slow down to a stop like its battery had run out. We guess they'r going in for water. We'll leave some puddles out for them.

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